Trobell has excelled in providing world class services in the crude oil pre-shipment inspection industry in Nigeria. This is evidenced in the continued increase of our terminals from Five (5) in June 2013 to Eight (8) in April 2016 and currently Fifteen (15) with effect from July 5, 2017. The consistent increase in our terminals over the last Four (4) years is a reward for our quality, professionalism and consistency. It also depicts the confidence of our principals as a result of their satisfaction.

I. Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

Our proficiency provides cost effective inspection, sampling, inventory – control and analysis for Crude Oil Assay as well as the full range of petroleum and petrochemical products. We are also highly respected in loss control – expediting role. These services can be individually tailored to a client’s specific needs and are available throughout our network of offices.

Principally, our services also cover the following areas of operations:

  • Vessel Loading and Discharging Inspections
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Tank and Compartment Cleaning
  • Time Logging
  • Well Wash Testing
  • Railcar Tank Loading Discharging Surveys
  • Tank and Meter Calibrations
  • Suitability Inspections
  • Certification
  • RFG Batch Reporting to EPA
  • Cargo Sampling, Vessels, Terminals, Warehouses
  • Loss Control Services
  • Cargo Expedition
  • Draft Surveys and Bulk Cargo Loadings and Discharges
  • Customizable Reporting and Data Exchange
  • Corrosion Prevention & Control Services
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Pipeline Pigging & Inspection
  • Storage Facility Maintenance
  • Laying of oil & gas pipeline
  • Pipeline Fabrication/Construction
  • Clean up of Oil Spills. This include the use of Remediation method and Thermal Desorber or Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) 
  • Provision of Marine Logistics.

While we work assiduously to exploit new horizon, find below our other diverse areas of core competence;

II. Civil, Structural & Water Resources Engineering

  • Bridges, roads, asphalt and reinforced concrete pavements and Maintenance works ,
  • Building design, Constructions and Maintenance works ,
  • Design and Construction of Bridges, culverts and drainage systems ,
  • Construction and Maintenance of Estates, yards and parks.,
  • Dredging and Land Reclamation,
  • Erosion control and dams construction ,
  • Design and construction of jetty ,
  • Reinforced concrete foundations and rigid slabs for process industrial plants ,
  • Water retaining structures, deep foundations and waterproofing ,
  • Drainage and water distribution systems,
  • Sewage treatment plants,
  • Irrigation and landscaping ,
  • Water Resources management services ,
  • Storm water management ,
  • Dam and Hydraulics control structure ,
  • Storm water Retention structure ,
  • Storage Tank ,
  • Hydraulics Modeling ,
  • Water quality studies ,
  • Traffic Management ,
  • Water quality studies ,
  • Soil stabilization.

III. Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Our instrument team professional & highly skilled technicians, specializing in oil, gas and petrochemical plants, power and desalination plants, supports companies operations. Our areas of expertise in this regards are;

  • Installation and Commissioning of field instruments and devices (PT, DPT, TT, RTD, PD – Meters, Flow meters, Valves etc) ,
  • Transmitters (Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Level) ,
  • Indicators (Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Level) ,
  • Gauges (Temperature, Pressure & Level) ,
  • Control Valves, Solenoid valves, PSVs ,
  • Air lines and Hot pipes ,
  • Tubing (Metric and
  • Imperial) ,
  • DCS, ESD, PLC, HIPPS Systems in Control room & Satellite Instrument House.

IV. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Control Panel and Power Distribution Works ,
  • Power Plant (Gas & Diesel) and Transformer Installations ,
  • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial lighting and small power for both safe and zoned applications ,
  • Domestic, Commercial & Power distribution in LV, MV and HV in both safe and zoned areas ,
  • Electrical trace heating, PI/SI testing, Insulation & HiPot testing ,
  • Earthing and lightning protection ,
  • Motors, EMVs, EBVs, MOVs, ESDs & SCDs ,
  • Power Plant (Gas & Diesel) and Transformers (LV, MV, HV) ,
  • Air-con control panel in control Room and Sub stations ,
  • Switchgears, MCCs (Up to 22kV) and auxiliary LV panel ,
  • UPS, Rectifiers, Converters, Battery Banks .

V. Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering

  • Crude Oil Tanks and Vessel overhauling and Rehabilitation ,
  • Onshore and Offshore Platform Rehabilitation ,
  • Structural pipe welding and Maintenance works,
  • Flow line Fabrication and Maintenance,
  • Pipeline survey and protection ,
  • Intelligent pig and pipeline flushing ,
  • Thermal installation and intervention ,
  • Materials testing ,
  • Preservation of Mechanical Component Services ,
  • Maintenance and Modification of Pumps and Rotating Equipment ,
  • Heat Treating and Demagnetizing Services ,
  • Valve Management Services including Testing and Repair ,
  • Surface Treatment, Sandblasting, Painting, Coating and Fireproofing Services ,
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services ,
  • Internal cleaning & re-tubing of exchangers and furnaces,
  • Overhauling of all Valve Types,
  • Spading/de-spading and rigging services for routine .


Our scaffolding Services provides high quality scaffolding and access solutions for offshore, onshore and industrial projects. We have the experience, expertise and resources to plan, implement and oversee a wide range of scaffolding work, from private residential through to high profile commercial projects. We will ensure that work is carried out to exceptionally high standards, on schedule and within budget. Our Scaffolding team has demonstrated its flexibility by meeting the needs and ever-changing schedules of their customers. Refurbishment and maintenance contracts continue to be at the forefront.

VII. Marine Technical Services

We offer the following services in marine technical services;

  • Subsea installation and inspection ,
  • SPM/SBM maintenance ,
  • Salvage/Diving Services ,
  • Installation and Cathodic Protection System ,
  • Fabrications and installation of boat landing platform, bombers and fenders ,
  • Subsea repair to damaged and leaking riser conductors and pipeline,
  • Installation and maintenance survival of sea safety equipment ,
  • Surveillance (surface and underground) ,
  • Routine buoy inspection maintenance and repair ,
  • Testing, inspection, rebuilding and refilling of floating and sub-sea horse strings.

VIII. Environmental Protection Services

  • Environmental Audit (EA) ,
  • Water Quality Assessment and Management ,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ,
  • Post Impact Assessment (PIA) ,
  • Environmental Evaluation Report (EER) ,
  • Oil Pollution Monitoring (OPM) ,
  • Oil Spill Clean-Up  Bioremediation Of Contaminated Environment ,
  • Geological And Geophysical Survey ,
  • Environmental Design And Modeling ,
  • Filtration of produced H2O ,
  • Vessel and production tank cleaning ,
  • Oil waste management and disposal facilities .

IX. Provision Of Technical Personnel

TROBELL INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA LIMITED provides skilled personnel both expatriate and nationals under contract for short and long term projects such as:

  • Design engineer ,
  • Civil/structural engineer ,
  • Electrical/electronics engineer ,
  • Instrumentation and control engineer,
  • Mechanical engineer,
  • Chemical and petroleum engineers,
  • Geologist and geophysics‟ ,
  • QA/QC engineer of various discipline ,
  • Divers, Crane operators and scaffolding inspector and Riggers .

X. Facility Management Services

Facility management involves the provision of logistical and organizational support services to the users of a building and is aimed at optimize the management of the activities that occur in the building itself. The facility management services provided by TROBELL INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA LIMITED include:

  • Technical-maintenance services ,
  • Landscaping ,
  • Cleaning ,
  • Ancillary services ,
  • Logistics,
  • Property management,
  • Cooling and Heat management ,

XI. Material Procurement

TROBELL INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA LIMITED has developed a pro-active coordinated approach to all field procurement and delivery services. Our sound knowledge of the local and international market place makes it possible for us to easily source for materials for our projects and clients within the quickest time frame. We have alliances with some notable international manufacturers (OEM) hence our ability to deliver these materials at a highly competitive rate. Our redefined objective is to expand our foreign procurement network to put in a vantage position in terms of timely delivery. TROBELL INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA LIMITED can provide 24 hours/day, 7 days/week materials procurement services all year round. These services include:

  • Sourcing;
  • Critical operation order;
  • Information update;
  • Shipment and freighting.